Building Our Own Table

The JustUS Coordinating Council (JCC) is a national collective of systems-impacted individuals, allied organizations, and partners across all 50 states, including D.C., that informs decision-making at the federal, state, and local policy levels. The JCC is the connective tissue that demands change through creating a united purpose for a united voice to establish a united power.

Economic Mobility

Building the Table: Advancing a Sustained Federal Commitment to Ensure Economic Justice for Systems-Impacted Individuals

It’s time for a new vision of economic opportunity and justice where all systems-impacted individuals can thrive. And systems-impacted people must be at the center of creating and driving the necessary policies to move the nation in this transformative direction. This work is the foundation of the JustUs Coordinating Council (JCC), an inaugural policy and advocacy table composed of directly impacted leaders across the nation.

Racial Equity

Building the Table: Advancing Race Equity in the Criminal Legal System

In an effort to meaningfully advance racial equity in the criminal legal system, representatives from all components of the justice system, those directly impacted, and partners at the local, state, and federal level convened as part of a National Initiative to Advance Race Equity in the Criminal Legal System (Initiative) on June 17, 2022. The Initiative began as a partnership between organizations that represent criminal legal system stakeholders and persons with lived experience in the legal system.

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