There is a persistent relationship between poverty, inequality, and mass incarceration and, for too long, the people closest to the problem have been closest to the solution but furthest from the resources and power to advance positive change. Shifting the status quo requires investing in the sustained leadership of people directly impacted by the criminal legal system and standing alongside them to propel change. 

In April 2023, the JustUS Coordinating Council (JCC) was launched, a national collective led by systems-impacted leaders, community members, and national organizations who no longer demand a “Seat at the Table” but are instead “BUILDING OUR OWN.” 

Our mission is to enhance quality of life for justice-impacted individuals and their communities in order to restore human dignity. We do this by dismantling the racist policies that uphold systemic oppression and marginalization that are rooted in racial inequalities.


Our Vision

Our Vision in Action:

The JustUS Coordinating Council (JCC) is committed to articulating a new national vision and implementing actionable steps that promote opportunity and justice for individuals and communities affected by the criminal legal system. We strive to repair and restore rights and opportunities while instilling hope in individuals and families, thereby contributing to the complete healing of communities.

The JCC is the connective tissue that demands change through creating a united purpose for a united voice to establish a united power.

Looking ahead, we envision a reality where enhanced greater economic justice is a shared vision between policy makers and our communities, driving resources toward those most affected by systemic injustices. Through empowering those closest to the issues, we aim not only to identify but also to drive the solutions necessary to address the devastating impacts of mass incarceration and carceral control.

“It is time we coalesce around a national vision that ensures that everyone who is systems-impacted has the full opportunity and resources to achieve economic mobility. This bold vision can alleviate the harms done by the hands of the criminal legal system and fully heal communities.”

What We Do


As directly impacted-leaders, we engage community members, strategic partners, and policy makers to amplify the voice of directly impacted individuals, families, and communities. 


We actively collaborate with and serve as connector to the federal government and national policy influencers. Our goal is to shape policies that protect the rights and economic stability of those affected by the criminal legal system.

Expert Analysis

We dive deep into current and emerging national policies and regulations, carefully examining their effects on our lives and with  our communities.

Where We Are

The JCC represents systems-impacted individuals, allied organizations, and partners across these states.